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Finding a Rug Expert

Individuals living in Los Angeles, California, require experts who understand proper wool rug cleaning methods. An area rug with woolen fibers requires specialized care to remove stains and debris.

To avoid shrinkage of this natural fiber, a cleaning specialist will use cool or warm water while shampooing away dirt embedded in an area rug.

An expert will also avoid hot temperature methods such as steam that may cause a rug to change its shape.

Before removing deep debris or stains from an area rug, the expert may use a beater brush to loosen dirt.

Drying Area Rugs

In addition, our specialists at Evergreen will find a way to remove dirt from a woolen rug without saturating the difficult to dry fibers. Wool rug cleaning equires using small amounts of cool water with mild detergent while gently extracting the moisture to dry the fibers quickly.

Drying the area rug quickly is essential to avoid causing the woolen fibers to develop an odor. A professional in wool rug cleaning methods will completely extract moisture and detergents from the fibers to ensure it remains in excellent condition.

Avoid Damage

At the same time, homeowners in Los Angeles, California, can also request Oriental rug cleaning services. The expert will carefully examine the area rug to determine its fiber content and pile type to choose an Oriental rug cleaning method.

If a rug is an antique, then specialized dirt extraction methods are required to avoid damaging the fibers. An Oriental rug may have delicate knots holding the fibers in place that will require the expert to clean the area rug by hand.

In addition, harsh chemicals are a bad choice for area rugs with bright colors or designs. Using harsh products can cause colors to fade reducing an area rug’s beauty.

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